The choosen item is only to order. What should I do?
Contact us. We would like to advise you of the availability of the product and the way how to make an orde
Is there a possibility to pick up the delivery personally?
YES, it's possible. You can find the network of our branches in the section /en/company/branches/. Write just in your order a remark where would you like to pick up your delivery.
Can I order the product without having the registration?
YES. The registration is not the requirement of the purchase. The registration serves to drawing the benefits and sending of special offers and informations.
I made a choice of a bathroom module and I would like to order it. What should I do?
Contact us, we will arrange with you how to act.
Can I get your complete catalogue?
Our supply changes frequently and it's not possible to prepare catalogues. If you are interested in concrete range of products, we will send you an offer of the stock items.
How long guaranty do you provide?
We provide the guaranty of 2 up to 5 years depending on the category of the product and on the supplier.
Are the products somewhere displayed?
YES, the part of the product range is diplayed in our branches. If you would like to see a concrete product, we let you know where is it displayed.